Infinite Drums

Hi Unity Devs! I am currently finalizing my latest interactive/random music pack for Unity. This one revolves around "drums". This asset is built for highly interactive/adaptive and randomly generated soundtrack in real time using Unity’s native audio scripting. In the PRO version of the pack, you will find: 1- A unique Prefab which enable instant “in game” drag and drop integration based on triggers. 2- Five different intensity levels: to adapt to the game’s action level: ambient, softer, soft, med, forte. 3- Three “moods” or music styles: Epic/Orchestral, Ethnic/Tribal and Solo Drums. 4- Three “tempo” changes: slow, normal and fast, to provide even more variety to your gam

Game Jam Audio vol. 1

Hi Unity Devs! Every once in a while, I participate in a Game Jam as a composer. This pack is the first of a series where I will be publishing and selling the music I have composed for the event. Every time, you will get a number of tracks in a variety of styles. This pack includes: - 5 Casual music tracks: celesta, 2 happy electro, minor light electro, orchestral casual music (and two assorted stingers). - 6 Fantasy music tracks: sorcerer, grotesque, electro fantasy, game-over/war loop and 2 pirate themed tracks. - 4 Ambiant tracks: airy, space, and 2 other ambiance tracks. - 1 Action track: chase track. - 2 Rock tracks: uncommon rock, dark rock. - 2 Interactive/adaptive tra

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