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Game Jam Audio vol. 1

Hi Unity Devs! Every once in a while, I participate in a Game Jam as a composer. This pack is the first of a series where I will be publishing and selling the music I have composed for the event. Every time, you will get a number of tracks in a variety of styles.

This pack includes: - 5 Casual music tracks: celesta, 2 happy electro, minor light electro, orchestral casual music (and two assorted stingers). - 6 Fantasy music tracks: sorcerer, grotesque, electro fantasy, game-over/war loop and 2 pirate themed tracks. - 4 Ambiant tracks: airy, space, and 2 other ambiance tracks. - 1 Action track: chase track. - 2 Rock tracks: uncommon rock, dark rock. - 2 Interactive/adaptive tracks: the "space action/space happy" chiptune music and the "orchestral casual music". - 9 Chiptune tracks: Child, child2, happy, sad, satiric, intro/adventure, action, space happy and space action. Nearly all tracks come in loopable and non loopable versions! Some of the tracks also include a script for easy "in game" integration: the "orchestral casual music" and the chiptune "space" music. The script handles transitions between either intensity levels or changes in mood (works with booleans).

You can download it on the Unity Assetstore here:

Hope you like it and don't forget to drop a review if you decide to buy it! Sincerely, Marma

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