Free version of my upcoming "interactive rock" music pack for Unity3D

Hi everyone! Well, here it is! I'm about to release the free version of my upcoming "interactive rock" asset for Unity3D. This version relies on 3 basic loops and an automatic script to change from one to the other. In the "full" version, you will have several different tracks and a lot more "interactivity", with shorter loops that will play in a random order and more "realistic" transitions between the different intensity levels. You can try this asset on the Unity Web Player or download it for FREE in my "Downloads" section!!! You can also watch the demo in the video below. Feel free to leave a comment! Hope you enjoy the music, Sincerely, Marma

Beta test of my upcoming "Interactive Rock" music for Unity3D!

OK, so I've done Medieval music, some Orchestral music, Electronic/horror/sci-fi music... What next? Well, I didn't compose any "rock" music for video games yet... So let's get to it! =) The general idea behind this upcoming release is similar to the music packs I have offered so far: provide a combination of "interactive/adaptive" music with an element of randomness. In the video below, you will see that the "mood" changes as a function of the distance of the player to enemies in the game. The "mood" changes at "natural" transition points within the music. Keep tuned for the final release!!!

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