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Angels and Demons: my latest project for video game music!

Hi everyone!

Imagine you are in front of the Gates of Hell, your spine shivers as you pass through the gigantic steel doors and suddenly a whisk of boiling hot air catches you as you suffocate tumbling down the stairs...

Imagine you look up into the sky, suddenly a bright light pierces through the clouds and you are slowly lifted up into Heaven, floating towards the clouds, a peaceful and soothing feeling takes over your whole body as you ascend...

These are some of the images I had in mind when I composed this Audio Asset for Unity!

The "free" version of my latest video game music project is now available: "Angels and Demons"! You can download it for free on the Unity3d Assetstore!

Again, I tried to compose something original, something that was not done before. I looked at the music available and have found nothing on that specific theme.

Originally, I intended to compose music for "religious" or "church" settings. But as a nice Unity user pointed out to me, limiting this pack to "only" church music would be pretty restrictive and would fit only a very limited number of games. I did compose randomized church organ and choir singing which will also be included in the "Angels and Demons" pack, so you will really get a bang for your buck!

This free pack will contain 14 extracts/previews of the full pack that I am finalizing as we speak.

In the meantime, you can listen to the soundtracks of the free version on Youtube here below!

The demo of the "Demonic" themed soundtracks:

The demo of the "Angelic" themed soundtracks:

Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed composing it and feel free to leave a comment!

Follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube if you want to know when the full version is out! =)


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