An unusual composition...

Check out my latest composition! It's an instrumental piece for acoustic guitar, violin, cello, electric guitar, bass and drums... Not my usual style! ;-) The piece is full of nostalgia, someone missing another person's embrace... The violin and cello sing very gently while in contrast the guitar and drums provide a lot of rythm and energy. Most of the instruments are synths so you'll excuse the lack of realism especially for the drums... :-/ As for the guitar, I recorded it myself! Well... tried! I'm not that good at guitar yet either! Hope you'll enjoy listening to it! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO IT ON SOUNDCLOUD

Demo soundtrack for my Unity Sample Pack

This is a soundtrack I composed using the samples for a video game. There is an "adventure/exploration" part and then a "battle" part. You can listen to the demo of the song on my Soundcloud by clicking here.

Just released my first free background music sample pack on the Unity Asset Store!

This is a free sample set to create your own adaptive music background in Unity. Donations accepted (on my website). This is my very first sample pack for video games. Please let me know what you think, what you would like to hear in future releases, I will take your suggestions into account! The style is epic orchestral music for adventure/action games. The tempo is 150 bpm (beats per minute). This might help getting the audio in sync. Download it in the Unity Asset Store here: UNITY ASSET STORE The content includes: 11 loops (5 in exploration mode, 5 in battle mode and one melody): - Intro loop for the exploration mode - Exploration Theme 1A and 1B (soft) - Exploration Theme 2A and 2B (lo

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