Release of the PRO version of my Interactive Rock Music Pack for Unity3D!

Hi Unity devs! I'm proud to annonce that the PRO version of my Interactive Rock Music Pack is now available on the Unity 3D Assetstore. This new pack builds on the strengths of all my previous releases. It features a built in script, using Unity's native audio, that handles the transitions between intensity levels automatically! It also generates soundtracks with a degree of randomness to ensure you never hear the same song structure and that the soundtrack stays fresh! Check out the "demo" video here: You can also test it directly with the Unity Web Player ! The PRO pack includes 5 different fully interactive tracks with 3 intensity levels. You can get it on the Unity Assetstore here: htt

Magic number 7: review 7 of my free assets on Unity and get a voucher!

Hi everyone! Now that I have over 7 free assets available on the Unity Assetstore, I decided to launch a special deal: if you review 7 of my free assets, I will send you a voucher for one of my "PRO" asset of your choice!!/search/page=1/sortby=popularity/query=publisher:9508 Don't look too much at the price, all of them are awesome in their own right! =) As soon as you have reviewed the assets, send me an email/message with the links to the reviews and the asset that you would like a voucher for! Hope you enjoy the deal! Sincerely, Marma

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