Global Game Jam 2017

The Global Game Jam 2017 edition is over! We had little sleep, but worked hard and had a great time with the awesome people of Antwerp, Belgium. In this year's edition, I was part of a dedicated "Audio Team" which provided audio to all the different teams present. All in all, I managed to compose the "in game" soundtracks of 8 different games! Not bad I would say... =) It's always a good idea to make up an "audio team" as otherwise, composers or sound designers may quickly run out of things to do if they are part of a single team. You can listen to a medley of the different soundtracks on Soundcloud in a Medley here: Here is the list of the different games I worked on: Save me! - 8bit style


Hi Unity Developers! So, I've finally done it! I have published many different music assets for Unity in the past few years, and I though it was finally time to publish a "bundle". The Giga Music Pack is the only dynamic/random soundtrack generation bundle available on the Unity Assetstore. It features all of my current collection of drag and drop interactive/random soundtrack generation assets via Prefabs which act as triggers. In this pack, you will find: 1- Authentic Early Medieval Ages Music 2- Authentic Medieval Battle Music 3- Authentic Sacred Church Music 4- Horror Electro Music 5- Interactive Rock 6- Infinite Happiness 7- Angels and Demons 8- Infinite Fantasy

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