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Hi Unity Developers!

So, I've finally done it!

I have published many different music assets for Unity in the past few years, and I though it was finally time to publish a "bundle". The Giga Music Pack is the only dynamic/random soundtrack generation bundle available on the Unity Assetstore. It features all of my current collection of drag and drop interactive/random soundtrack generation assets via Prefabs which act as triggers. In this pack, you will find: 1- Authentic Early Medieval Ages Music 2- Authentic Medieval Battle Music 3- Authentic Sacred Church Music 4- Horror Electro Music 5- Interactive Rock 6- Infinite Happiness 7- Angels and Demons 8- Infinite Fantasy 9- Endless Battle March 10- Infinite Drums 11- Desolation 12- 67 loopable soundtracks in a variety of styles: 8bit/chiptune, fantasy/adventure, rock, orchestral, electro, casual… 13- 54 stingers for victory, defeat and many other situations. 14- As a bonus, over 300 FX and ambiance loops!

I hope you'll enjoy this bundle! Don’t forget to leave a comment and review! Sincerely, Marma

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