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Here are some of my compositions' music sheets for you to download.  If you enjoy playing them, please donate to help me fund my passion and compose many more tunes for you and the world to play!  Please note that these music sheets are for non-commercial performances only.  If you wish to play one of my pieces at a commercial event, please get in touch and we can arrange for a remuneration based on a small percentage of your profits.


If you would like to play one of my compositions and the score is not listed below, you can always contact me and I will add it to the list or score it for you! 

Guitar Flute/Violin Duet n°1

A nice little duet for guitar and flute or violin. 

Check out my Youtube channel for the guitar playalong here

Sonata for Piano and Flute n°1

This is my first composition for piano and flute.  It is quite difficult to play for the flute so make sure you are quite a good player before trying this out..

Sonata for Piano and Flute n°2

This is a rather minimalist composition and easy for both flute and piano, perfect for beginners!

Sonata for Piano and Flute n°3

This is very optimistic and cheerful piece for piano and flute.  You will have to play it shuffle style.

Dancing in the Meadow

This is a folk type song for guitar, two violins and flute.  It's rather cheerful and relatively easy to play!

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