The Psycho Electro Music Pack is out!

The Psycho Electro Music Pack is truly unique music asset, which uses both interactive and random soundtrack generation to give you unparalleled control and variety for your video game's soundtrack. You can test it in the UNITY WEB PLAYER HERE!!! Download the free version here: Psycho Electro Music Pack (FREE) Buy the PRO version here: Psycho Electro Music Pack (PRO)

Psycho-Electro Video Game Music, soon on the Unity Assetstore!

Well, I've composed a Medieval music pack, an Orchestral music pack... I thought I might start to get into more Electronic music stuff! =) The pack I'm about to release is fully interactive with three "intensity" levels, and is randomly generated. The mood would be perfect for a Sci-Fi game like Bio Shock or Deep Space, where the player can be plunged into a stressful/dark/crazy atmosphere. You can already test it in the Unity Web Player here while it's being reviewed for approval on the Unity Asset Store! Psycho-Electro Music Asset Feel free to drop a comment and let me know what you think!

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