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Infinite Drums

Hi Unity Devs! I am currently finalizing my latest interactive/random music pack for Unity. This one revolves around "drums". This asset is built for highly interactive/adaptive and randomly generated soundtrack in real time using Unity’s native audio scripting. In the PRO version of the pack, you will find: 1- A unique Prefab which enable instant “in game” drag and drop integration based on triggers. 2- Five different intensity levels: to adapt to the game’s action level: ambient, softer, soft, med, forte. 3- Three “moods” or music styles: Epic/Orchestral, Ethnic/Tribal and Solo Drums. 4- Three “tempo” changes: slow, normal and fast, to provide even more variety to your game. 5- Seven different “song structures” for ensuring a diversity in the soundtracks randomly generated. 6- Over 100 samples of various instruments/melodies: the soundtracks are generated by selecting randomly between a wide variety of samples including two different drum loops, tambourine, shaker, staccato and long orchestral strings, staccato and long orchestral brass, ethnic flute, bells, mallet and didj. You also have the choice between two "flute" sounds, by setting the public booleans "flute1" or "flute2" to "true".

Watch the live demo of the "PRO" version here below:

You can also listen to extracts of the music that can be generated here (which will be featured in the FREE version:

Let me know what you think! =)



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