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Blending Game Jam 2017

Hi everyone!

I recently participated in the Blending Game Jam 2017 which brings together video game developers with board game designers with the aim to "blend" the two styles and exchange experiences.

It was really a great event, very well organized, and with inspired and creative teams.

I managed to contribute to the music of 7 games.

The "theme" of the game jam was "all in one", not easy by any standards, and I was really impressed with what the teams came up with.

You can listen to a preview of the various tracks here:

The video games:

Nuru: a battle between the sun and the moon based on an African tale. As a player you need to keep the "balance" between them.

Tout en Hun: a mixed board/arcade type game where you go on an adventure with a hero who can swap his body parts to vanquish his enemies.

Stranger movies: a mixed board game with a side-scroller/defense video game. You have to move on an interactive board game to defend a scout camp against attacking creatures by running around on the board game and calling upon specific "heroes" who have a special ability to defend against some of the creatures.

Hell in Hostel: you're a lonely traveler stuck in a haunted hostel. In each room, there is a specific monster and in your bag, you have all the items you need. But only one item is most effective against each monster so choose wisely!

Plankton Battle: this is a Vive VR multiplayer game. The VR player is a whale who must feed on Plankton to get fat and eat some small monsters (other players) who try to eat plankton and merge together to take on the whale.

Castle One: a two player game where you collect items on a battle field to create castles, merge them and launch assaults on the enemy castles. The most powerful castle wins!

Two mazes one controller: well, the title is pretty self explanatory! You control two players in two different mazes with one controller and must maneuver wisely to get them out at the same time.

You can buy all of the soundtracks from my Game Jam Audio vol. 3 pack from the Unity Assetstore!

Hope you enjoy the games and the music!

Until next time!


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