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Bit - The Time Travelling Caveman (by Weetaps)

Hi everyone!

Weetaps, a Belgian app developer, has just released it's "Bit" game for iOS on the iTunes App Store! I had the privilege to work with them on the music of the game which was a great experience.

The story is that of Bit, a simple caveman, living in a world of pixels. Wonderful dinosaurs and animals roam the forests of Pixel Land and Bit loves it there. Everything changes when he finds himself frozen in a block of ice.Thawed out millions of years later by strange creatures from the future, Bit has to find a way back to his own time...

The music is a mix of 8bit/chiptune music and more modern electro based on core "themes" with variations depending on the setting in the game (prehistoric world, strange futuristic environment, action music...)

Check out the official page here:

Watch the trailer featuring my music here:

I hope you'll enjoy the game and the music!


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