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Global Game Jam 2017

The Global Game Jam 2017 edition is over!

We had little sleep, but worked hard and had a great time with the awesome people of Antwerp, Belgium. In this year's edition, I was part of a dedicated "Audio Team" which provided audio to all the different teams present.

All in all, I managed to compose the "in game" soundtracks of 8 different games! Not bad I would say... =)

It's always a good idea to make up an "audio team" as otherwise, composers or sound designers may quickly run out of things to do if they are part of a single team.

You can listen to a medley of the different soundtracks on Soundcloud in a Medley here:

Here is the list of the different games I worked on:

Save me! - 8bit style music for a "pixel art" type game where you have to rescue people from an island.

Evil monsters tremendous diving contest - a tragi-comic game linked to the Trump inauguration, where you incarnate Trump and try to jump dive to create a wave which will submerge a city.

Salty Call - a "pirates" type game where you fight with a fellow pirate on a ship.

It came from the waves - A "Godzilla" 1950s style game in black and white. Rather proud of the result as I had to compose a "1950s" action-drama type soundtrack!

Huntr - a "hide and seek" type game where you incarnate an alien trying to escape. I composed a nice "jazzy" spy/mystery track for this one...

Color me wavy - a platformer game where you need to "absorb" different colors to advance in the game and overcome obstacles. Very nice idea and game design! For this one, I made an interactive soundtrack where the music changes in sync with the character's transformation.

Super Wavebot Blaster - a Zombie/Apocalypse crazy pixel art game where you incarnate a robot blasting it's way through enemies using wave lengths. I composed a punchy 8bit style track for the game play.

Pr. Squidhulhu - A VR game where you are trapped in the body of a tentacular creature and need to carry out simple tasks in a room.

I hope you'll have fun testing the games above and I look forward to the next Game Jam! =)



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