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An Object At Rest - Contest Entry

Hi all!

I've participated lately to the International Film Music Competition.

Although I wasn't selected for the final, I still had a lot of fun composing this so I thought I would share this with you! =)

It was my first time composing music for a movie, and it turned out to be a very enriching experience. Composing for a movie is definitely completely different from composing a musical piece without a visual support. Here, your music has to adapt instantly to what's happening on the screen, getting all the "hit points" right... It was quite a challenge!

I'm not the type of composer that can compose without themes so although it's much easier to compose for images using very flexible musical motifs or "hits", I opted for using three main themes:

- One theme representing the voice of the mountain/rock that wants to rest in peace (the very first theme played by the bass)

- One theme representing change, time passing, travel... (represented by the tremolo strings and modulating chords)

- And finally, a theme representing humans and their messy intrusion into the "life" of the rock.

You can watch it here:

Hope you enjoyed it!



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