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Infinite Happiness - a new interactive and randomly generated music pack

Hi everyone!

Before leaving on holiday, I decided to publish a new music pack: a happy music for casual gaming.

Happy, happy, happy! Flowers, rainbows, birds, blue skies, skipping about in the meadow... These are some of the images I had when I composed this music. The music is perfectly suited for casual games, children's games, puzzle games and more. Through this asset, I have tried to integrate random and interactive background music! In what does this Audio Pack consist? - a unique instant drap and drop Prefab for instant in-game integration! - 2 intensity levels which change seamlessly (soft, medium) - 3 tempo/pitch settings. - 18 different melodies (9 guitar solos, 9 celesta solos) - 16 different accompaniments (9 guitar loops, 8 marimba loops) - 4x3 different percussion loops and more! - All the music is generated randomly!

Watch the demo video here:

Hope you like it!

Until next time!


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