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Authentic Early Medieval MEGA PACK now on the Unity3D Assetstore!

Hi all!

Since it's been over a year now that I have released my initial Medieval Audio Pack, I thought it was time to update it and also to release a consolidated pack which combines my Authentic Early Medieval Audio Pack with my Authentic Medieval Battle Music (PRO).

This MEGA PACK includes:

  • 9 full pieces (all of which are both loopable and non-loopable)

  • 9 random soundtrack generation scripts:

  • 2 medieval church organs (minor/major)

  • 2 Gregorian chants (one ensemble in minor, one "live" singers in major)

  • A medieval lute (a sort of guitar)

  • A medieval harp

  • A medieval flute

  • A medieval folk dance music generation

  • A medieval battle music generation

  • These two last ones offer an incomparable variety of randomly generated soundtracks as they include a great number of melodies, song structures and instruments.

  • 2 Interactive and/or Randomly generated soundtracks

  • One basic interactive "Exploration and Battle" script

  • One Interactive and Randomly generated Medieval Battle music which switches between "Peace" and "Battle" mood.

  • An easy DRAG AND DROP Prefab system for quick "in game" integration. NO CODING REQUIRED! Simply drag and drop the Prefabs of your choice into your game, reposition the triggers, and YOU ARE DONE! (see the demo videos)

  • A system to change the tempo/pitch of several of the randomly generated soundtracks for even more variety!

  • 18 different chimes to underline events like a victory, defeat, a click on a button and the likes...

  • Multiple ambiance sounds including campfire, battle, castle courtyard, forest, horses walking, winter wind..., all loopable.

  • As a bonus, over 200 medieval sound FX!

In short, with this pack, the music will always stay fresh, varied and your players will never hear the same soundtrack twice!

Check it out on the Assetstore here:!/content/62367

And here are a few "demo" videos of the updated features:

Hope you'll enjoy this!



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