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Updates, Updates and more Updates...

Hi All!

It has been a year now that I started publishing professional quality assets on the Unity3D Assetstore so it's time to take stock, look at what has been done and see if anything can be updated, optimized or revamped.

I've already updated about half of my Assets but more updates are coming!

Most of the updates are focusing on easy of integration in a game:

  • All of the updates now feature a Prefab which you can drag and drop into any Unity scene. All you need to do, is to reposition, resize, rotate and duplicate the provided triggers inside your scene and hit "Play"!

  • I've also added a feature on some of my Assets which allows you to change the tempo/pitch of the music for even more variety and randomness!

  • I've rewritten certain scripts to optimize them and make sure they work without draining CPU or memory resources.

  • Many of the "standalone" tracks included in my Assets are now available in both loopable and non loopable format.

  • Finally, for some of the Assets, I've included new music/compositions!

Hope you enjoy the updates!



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