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Update - Authentic Early Medieval Ages Audio Pack

Hi all!

Yesterday, I have submitted a major update to my popular Authentic Early Medieval Ages Audio Pack.

Watch the video demo of the update here:

What's new?

  • The scripts have been completely rewritten from scratch for increased performance for your game and ease of use.

  • Two Prefabs have been added to facilitate quick integration and use inside your game. Simply drag and drop the Prefabs in your scene, move the triggers where you want them to be, and hit "Play"!

  • A new option to allow you to change the tempo of the music for even more variations in the randomly generated folk dance music!

  • All 9 music pieces included come with a "loopable" version.

While there are no "new" music pieces in this update, it will make the asset way more easy to use!

Hope you like it, don't hesitate to comment!



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