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Infinite Fantasy PRO: a truly unique Music Asset!

Looking for some quality Fantasy music for your video game? Do you also need aninteractive/adaptive and random music generation to avoid repetition but at the same time have consistency in the music? Then this truly unique audio pack is exactly what you need. No other music asset provides the features included here.

GET IT ON THE UNITY ASSETSTORE:!/content/58641 Watch the demo video here.

The "PRO" version of this Asset includes : - 11 background (ambiant) loops: * Forest Birds * Battle * Castle Courtyard * Cave Water * Docks * Forest Creek * Night Crickets * Noisy Tavern * Torches in Cave * Wide Plains * Winter Wind - 2 Ambiant moods (8 loops): * Ambiant Light * Ambiant Dark - 6 different variations of the Infinite Fantasy theme (8 loops x3 intensity levels): * Adventure (Default theme) * Dark * Heroic * Sad * Mysterious * Happy In total, 430 samples or over 2 hours of randomized music!!! - Three intensity levels for each variation of the theme: Soft, Medium and Forte. - A fully automated script using Unity's Native Audio Engine to help you make interactive music for your video game. The code is open so you can tweak it as you see fit! - A demo scene to test the script and music. Test it in your browser through the OpenGL Player!

I hope you enjoy it and don't hesitate to leave a comment!



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