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Beta version of my upcoming Infinite Fantasy Music Pack for Unity 3D!

Hi Unity Devs! I'm working on another awesome asset for Unity 3D, truly unique and unseen up until now!!! The video below is the second version.

It will be something very close to a video game music like the Zelda series, interactive music, with an element of randomness, AND variations based on a single theme in different moods to ensure consistency and coherence in your game. For the moment there is only one loop with the "main" theme, but I plan for several loops playing at random to minimize the impression of repetition.

There are 6 moods for now: a "default" theme, which is kind of the "standard" version of the theme, then "Dark" which is atonal and weird, "Heroic" for battles, "Mysterious" for... well, mysterious moments and "Happy" when you're in the middle of a nice town or a sunlight flower field, and "Sad/dramatic"...

I've also added an "Ambiant" mood, when nothing much is happening, and a "background" loop of a "forest" environment. I've also composed transition samples when switching between the "ambiant" mood and the main themes.

The "ambiant" mood randomly generates a background soundtrack by selecting between 8 different samples.

At this stage, it's still in the works, so YOUR FEEDBACK IS MOST WELCOME!!! =)

Hope you like it!



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