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Release of my Authentic Medieval Battle Music Asset for Unity

After having released the Authentic Early Medieval Ages Audio Pack, I'm back with a "final" release which completes my composition work for the Medieval period!

The Authentic Medieval Battle Music asset aims at providing realistic battle music for the early medieval period. Only instruments that could be commonly found on the battle field in those days are used in this asset (drums, recorder, bagpipe, shofar and fife) and the composition technique reflects that of the period.

This asset has three different versions: the FREE ,the LITE and the PRO versions.

The FREE version includes 3 full soundtracks which start with a "peaceful" mood and transition to a "battle" mood.

Listen to the soundtracks on my Soundcloud here:

The LITE version includes 6 Battle mood loops, 6 Peace mood loops and a master script that automatically handles the random playback of the different loops and the transitions between the Battle and Peace moods.

Check out the demo on YouTube:

The PRO version features the first ever random and interactive soundtrack generation and works in a similar way as the one already present in my Authentic Early Medieval Ages Audio Pack. The PRO version also includes all the content of the LITE version.

Don't hesitate to post your thoughts, comments, suggestions and questions to this blog post!

I hope you'll enjoy this new Asset!

Cheers! :-) Marma

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