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My latest orchestral piece is ready!!

Hi all!

I've just finished composing my latest orchestral piece. It will be a following movement in my (unofficial) second symphony*.

I started composing this symphony in a "self education" spirit, trying to "teach" myself composition and orchestration skills as I moved along in the piece. Most importantly, the underlying philosophy behind the music is to stick to very simple melodies, themes or motifs and work more on variations and orchestration.

This latest movement is exactly that. It is built solely on 3 themes that are developed during the entire span of the 7 minutes piece.

Check out the video where I present the 3 themes to make it easier to identify them and follow the music!

You can also listen to it on my soundcloud!

*My first symphony is something I composed a very long time ago... It's not really a symphony, just a bunch of pieces for orchestra and waaaaay too amateurish to be ever played. So my first symphony will become my zero symphony and my second, my first symphony... =)

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