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Santa came early! =)

Hi folks!

Well, this year Santa came in early... =)


I ordered a few extra instruments that will help me in my compositions!

I have recently decided it would be nice to compose a few "medievalish" sounding tunes to be used in video games. Too much stuff out there sounds EPIC with the huge orchestra sound with insane sounding drums, I wanted to compose something more "genuine" to go with a medieval game so that the user experience is more "authentic".

So I bought a few hand drums and a tambourine, and of course a Midi keyboard to help me in my improvised melodies that accompany the drum loops.

I also decided to buy an extra 3gb of RAM since I only had 5gb in my old desktop computer... Since I bought some new sound libraries to compose more realistic classical pieces, I really needed that extra 3. My computer was basically crashing or failed to open projects I was working on which was really HELL!! Especially if I just finished composing this nice tune and then BAM! Blue screen of death!!! I hope that extra RAM will prolong it's life by one or two years.. I don't really have money to spend right now on top gear... :P

I might end up also buying a new graphics card as my desktop has to be constantly open with a fan blowing into it, otherwise the graphics card overheats and BOOM, suddently out of the blue, the computer shuts down and restarts... Also a great experience, sometimes while composing, or also when you're playing a LAN or online game with some friends, you were well off and winning and then suddenly BAM, computer shuts down...


Anyways, here is a little something I composed with my new gadgets! Hope you like it and hopefully there will be plenty more to come!!!

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year!!!

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