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Just released my first free background music sample pack on the Unity Asset Store!

This is a free sample set to create your own adaptive music background in Unity. Donations accepted (on my website).

This is my very first sample pack for video games. Please let me know what you think, what you would like to hear in future releases, I will take your suggestions into account!

The style is epic orchestral music for adventure/action games. The tempo is 150 bpm (beats per minute). This might help getting the audio in sync.

Download it in the Unity Asset Store here: UNITY ASSET STORE

The content includes:

11 loops (5 in exploration mode, 5 in battle mode and one melody):

- Intro loop for the exploration mode

- Exploration Theme 1A and 1B (soft)

- Exploration Theme 2A and 2B (louder with more presence)

- Battle Theme 1A and 1B (mild) with an optional addition of a melody

- Battle Theme 2A and 2B (more presence)

- Battle Theme 3 (climax)

6 transitions:

- A sample to enter into Battle mode

- 3 samples to break out of the 3 different Battle Themes

- 2 drum transitions with a louder one to accompany the change between the 3 different Battle themes and a softer one to transition between Exploration themes.

The samples are all in *.OGG format in 192kb/s quality.


Keep in mind that the samples are NOT loopable from the box*.

Please check the video that demos how they should be used (they need to be retriggered within two different audio components). The reason for this is simple: classical instruments have a natural release time so if I had cut up the samples into a loop, you would be able to hear the looping as the release of the last notes of the loop would be cut too.

One link that seems useful for adaptive background music in unity is the following:

Adaptive music thread

But there are many more out there!

If you like it, please leave comments also with suggestions on what you'd like to see in a future release and I'll create more comprehensive pack based on your feedback.

*If you find it too difficult to work with these samples, please let me know in a comment and I will update this set with "looped" versions of these samples.

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