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November 2, 2017

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Angels and Demons: my latest project for video game music!

July 29, 2015

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My Medieval Audio Pack is now available on the Unity Asset Store!

April 18, 2015


Hi All!


About 5 months ago, I decided to compose Medieval music for video games.  You can check out a video of one of the first pieces I composed in this blog post.  


I was composing several pieces, one after the other, and then I had an idea: wouldn't it be great if you could just generate a soundtrack by randomly putting together different audio samples? 


And so I delved into finding a way to do just that!


You can see a demo of the result in the demo video I've made here:

Test the Random Soundtrack Generator with the Unity Web Player HERE!!! 


Another challenge was to compose "Authentic" Medieval music.  I noticed that many so called "medieval music" soundtracks either used instruments that did not exist in the period like violin sections from an orchestra or a full french horn section, or used harmonies and chords that weren't "discovered" at that time. 


And besides doing a lot of research on medieval music, I invested in either virtual or live instruments that were used in that period.  I boughta few basic hand drums, an army of recorders, a new virtual instrument which included a Hurdy Gurdy and reed instruments of that time, and also a classical guitar to emulate a lute (an actual lute would have just been way too expensive).


Learning the recorder was an fun experience.  I ended up recording only one piece with live recorders because I just didn't make enough progress to make it sound professional. I did play the recorder in school when I was 12, but at the time, I only blew hard in the recorder to annoy my music teacher... Wish she could see me now! :-P


In the full audio pack, I have also included Ambient loops for various settings (forest, castle courtyard, battle...) and a bunch of sound FX.  You can check out the in-game demo I've made to showcase some of the sounds available in the pack here:




If you are interested in the Audio Pack, you can download it from the Unity Asset Store:


Download the FREE version


Check out the FULL version


Cheers and until next time! 




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